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Skyworx Indonesia (Skyworx) is a leading Banking and Finance Software Company incorporated in 2006. Skyworx focused on delivering the best products for Banking and Multifinance companies. In Skyworx, we believe in order to contribute effectively to our customers we need to focus on getting as well as maintaining good people with good technical and solid knowledge skills

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Cloud Based

FINTEGRITY is ready to be hosted platform with full disaster recovery and enterprise-grade security means freedom from infrastructure worries and costs

Highly Configurable

FINTEGRITY allows users to integrate into client’s existing technology, as well as incorporate third party service providers and customers

Simple Integration

FINTEGRITY enables automation and real-time integration between our products and other internal systems, models and third party vendor systems

Market Tested

The platform was built around the needs of the whole loan aggregation and securitization business


Our flagship products are PRIMORDIUM – Loan Origination System (LOS), FINTEGRITY – Loan Management System (LMS),
and COLLECTIUM – Collection & Recovery Management System (CRMS).


Loan Origination System (LOS)

is a web-based application to support Bank and Multifinance in managing the Credit Approval Process. It is armed with built-in workflow technology


Loan Management System (LMS)

is a full-fledged solution that contains all the modules needed to run and manage a typical “Loan Operation” throughout all of a loan’s phases based on the rules and regulations set by the regulator.


Collection & Recovery Management System (CRMS)

is an application that effectively facilitates Revenue Collection & Debt Recovery Management. It helps automate Revenue Collection & Debt Recovery processes

Skyworx has deep knowledge and experiences in managing mission critical IT projects for Banking and Multifinance companies. Since its inception, Skyworx has emerged as a leader in financial management software technologies



Powerful Reporting and Querying

Dashboarding features are built right into the platform, making third party business intelligence add-ons unnecessary

Customized Business Logic

Key business processes, such as new contracts can be configured to trigger validations, generate template-based notifications, schedule subsequent tasks, and send data feeds to both internal and external systems

Auditing and Rights Management

Our flexible roles and rights mechanism brings true enterprise-level controls to a client’s business

Proven Technologies

FINTEGRITY products are built on the state of the art Java technology using Microsoft SQL Server/MySQL/DB2 database


A managed services arrangement, which is an agreement for services associated with performance measurements, is certainly not a revolutionary concept for the banking and finance industry. For some time, financial institutions have allowed external vendors to manage processes such as call center and infrastructure services. But they have historically kept their software solutions in-house, especially those that extend across numerous functions and processes. The key benefit driving bank and finance companies to outsource their credit applications has been cost reduction. Outsourcing maximizes efficiencies and drives down costs by simplifying, standardizing, centralizing and automating development and support.


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