Skyworx Indonesia

Incorporated in 2006, Skyworx focused on Finance, Banking, and Insurance. Market Leader for Loan System, Cutting-edge Technologies, Rapid Deployment, Reasonable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Cyber Security
Penetration Testing
IT Audit
IT Governance
Business Continuity Program


Loan Origination System
Collection Management System
External Data Integration
Robotic Process Automation
Big Data Analytics (AIML)
Mobile Apps for FSI


SOP Development
Business Requirement Design
Loan Process
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Risk & Scoring Analytics

BIG Data



AI-Driven Scoring and Decision Engine


AI-Driven Collection Analytics


AI-Driven Marketing Analytics


AI-Driven Fraud Detection System


AI-Driven Internal Audit (Operational Risk)

Primordium Digital Lending Platform

PRIMORDIUM is a solution designed to support Digital Loan Onboarding management in financial institutions. Primordium is ready for Straight-through Processing (STP) for Loan Onboarding make it best option for DIGITAL BANKING & FINTECH.

PRIMORDIUM supports any segments for Loan/Financing Onboarding start from Micro, Consumer, SME, and Commercial for both Conventional and Sharia Banking.

Centralized System

Centralized system utilizing web-based technology to minimize high-cost and tiring system maintenance

High Customizable

Offers limitless possibilities for future enhancement to catch up with latest business trends

Local Understanding

Developed specifically for Indonesian market by Indonesian banking & finance expert to ensure compliance with local business environment

Implementation Benefit

Focused on Finance, Banking, Insurance

Skyworx has deep knowledge and experiences in managing mission critical IT projects for Banking and Multifinance companies. Since its inception, Skyworx has emerged as a leader in financial management software technologies