Skyworx Team 2013 small

PT. Skyworx Indonesia (Skyworx) is a leading Banking and Finance Software Company incorporated in 2006. Skyworx focused on delivering the best products for Banking and Multifinance companies. Skyworx has deep knowledge and experiences in managing mission critical IT projects for Banking and Multifinance companies. Since its inception, Skyworx has emerged as a leader in financial management software technologies.

Our flagship products are FINTEGRITY – Integrated Core Multifinance System and PRIMORDIUM – Banking Integrated Loan Origination System has been successfully implemented in many blue-chip companies. FINTEGRITY fully automates the operations and logistics of consumer finance and lease management, while automatically carrying out all the accounting behind every transaction. Additionally PRIMORDIUM manages end-to-end credit approval process starts from prospect management, underwriting, credit scoring, to interface to legacy systems.

Skyworx’ main strength is located on continuous improvement process through our Research & Development team. We believe that in order to provide outstanding result to our customer we need to enhance our system capabilities to the utmost level. Our R&D department comprises our senior team with the supervision from Subject Matter Expert (SME) Committee. The SME Committee members are coming from Banking & Financial experts with previous executive position.

In Skyworx, we believe in order to contribute effectively to our customers we need to focus on getting as well as maintaining good people with good technical and solid knowledge skills. In addition, we provide first-class telecommunication infrastructure to ensure the establishment of a good and knowledgeable point contact. Furthermore, we strive to exceed to develop a trust-based relationship through fair contracts, reasonable performance, continuous supports, and clear and secure channels of communication.

We integrate various components of system management processes, tools, data, and human resources. Proper implementation strategy into your business system are effectively able to gain control, lower costs, speed up business process, increase productivity, and in short, provides more efficient and cost-effective way to reach client service and exceptional return on investment.

Skyworx commits to deliver excellent services through a dedicated team armed with high understanding of Banking & Finance business. Our customers receive solid technological service based on a thorough understanding of each their particular business needs. Our professionals are solution-oriented people and using their technological skills as a mean, not an end.