PT. Skyworx Indonesia (Skyworx) is a leading Banking and Finance Software Company incorporated in 2006. Skyworx focused on delivering the best products for Banking and Multifinance companies. Skyworx has deep knowledge and experiences in managing mission critical IT projects for Banking and Multifinance companies. Since its inception, Skyworx has emerged as a leader in financial management software technologies.

Skyworx main strength is located on continuous improvement process through our Research & Development team. We believe that in order to provide outstanding result to our customer we need to enhance our system capabilities to the utmost level. Our R&D department comprises our senior team with the supervision from Subject Matter Expert (SME) Committee. The SME Committee members are coming from Banking & Financial experts with previous executive position.

In Skyworx, we believe in order to contribute effectively to our customers we need to focus on getting as well as maintaining good people with good technical and solid knowledge skills. In addition, we provide first-class telecommunication infrastructure to ensure the establishment of a good and knowledgeable point contact. Furthermore, we strive to exceed to develop a trust-based relationship through fair contracts, reasonable performance, continuous supports, and clear and secure channels of communication.

We integrate various components of system management processes, tools, data, and human resources. Proper implementation strategy into your business system are effectively able to gain control, lower costs, speed up business process, increase productivity, and in short, provides more efficient and cost-effective way to reach client service and exceptional return on investment.

Skyworx commits to deliver excellent services through a dedicated team armed with high understanding of Banking & Finance business. Our customers receive solid technological service based on a thorough understanding of each their particular business needs. Our professionals are solution-oriented people and using their technological skills as a mean, not an end.

Why Skyworx?
  • Focused on Banking & Finance business
  • Specialised in mission critical business system implementation
  • Highly dedicated staffs with deep Banking & Finance business knowledge and supervised by highly experienced Subject Matter Expert (SMEs) with combined of 50 years of experiences in Banking & Multifinance sector
  • Continuous product improvement through our R&D effort
  • Bring experienced on Banking & Multifinance system integration and other valuable system integration experiences
  • Proven successful implementations in many blue-chip Banks & Finance companies
  • Open platform solution with state-of-the-art technology framework
  • Our products has comprehensive module with compliance to the government regulation (PSAK 50 & 55 and updates)
  • First class single contact point after implementation support through various channel: web, contact center, onsite-support
Vision & Mission


Penyedia Solusi Teknologi Informasi Industri Jasa Finansial (FSI) Nomor Satu di Asia Tenggara. (Leader of IT Solution Provider for FSI in South East Asia Market).


  1. Menyediakan solusi IT yang tepat guna dan bernilai bagi pelanggan (Providing Right-fittest IT Solution for Customers)
  2. Menghasilkan benefit yang optimal untuk pemegang saham (Providing Optimum Benefit for Shareholders)
  3. Menyediakan wahana bertumbuh dan berkembang bagi stakeholder (Providing Place to Learn and Grow for Stakeholders)
  4. Berkomitmen tinggi untuk inovasi dan pengembangan berkesinambungan (High Commitment for Innovation and Continuous Improvement)


  1. Memiliki MANFAAT bagi bangsa, sesama, dan lingkungan (To be Asset for Nation, People, and Environment)
  2. Senantiasa bekerja dengan usaha yang TERBAIK melebihi EKSPEKTASI pelanggan (Strive for Excellence)
  3. Menghormati KEBERAGAMAN dan KEYAKINAN individu (Respect for Diversity and Personal Belief)
  4. Menjaga INTEGRITAS dan KEDISIPLINAN dalam semua aspek (Maintain Integrity and Discipline)
  5. Berkomitmen meningkatkan VALUE melalui PENGEMBANGAN DIRI (Committed to improve self value through personal development)

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