Skyworx has today launched a new and improved website. The website offers quick and easy access to essential of information on Skyworx. Visitor could find detailed information of Skyworx, which is including products info, services, partners, list of clients, and other relevant information. The new look website is sleek and stylish and is full of new features, new imagery and refreshed copy to make the site more user-friendly and encourage user interaction.

About Skyworx

Skyworx (PT. Skyworx Indonesia) is a leading IT solution provider focused in Finance, Banking, and Insurance sector. It was incorporated in 2006 by a number of IT professionals who armed with a set of solid skills and knowledge in Indonesian Finance, Banking, and Insurance sector. The main objective of Skyworx is to provide right-fittest IT solution for Indonesian Finance, Banking and Insurance sector. In particular, we strive to exceed to provide highest quality solution with reasonable investment and time frame.