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OUR PRODUCTS manages the life cycles of Loan Management, beginning with front office activities such as Credit Approval System (Origination) with Mobile & Tablet Connectivity, Credit Management and extending to back office operations including Operational Credit, Compliance, and Collections. It has fully integrated with General Ledger module specialized for Multifinance industry, which enable you to experience the real Straight-through Processing (STP). Its modular approach enable you to choose the modules suit to your current needs with the simplicity of future additional module implementation. OUR PRODUCTS consists of three main modules: LOS, LMS, and CRMS.


Loan Origination System


Loan Management System


Collection & Recovery


Cloud based or On-premises
FINTEGRITY is ready to be hosted platform with full disaster recovery and enterprise-grade security means freedom from infrastructure worries and costs. A multi-instance architecture means your data is never commingled with other clients.  The platform can also be installed on your company’s servers.
Market Tested
The platform was built around the needs of the whole loan aggregation and securitization business. Our products have been refined through rigorous use by our clients, and reflect industry best practices.
Highly Configurable
FINTEGRITY allows users to integrate into client’s existing technology, as well as incorporate third party service providers and customers. Users can define their own calculations. Quick changes can be made to external models, data formats and service providers.
Powerful Reporting and Querying
Dashboarding features are built right into the platform, making third party business intelligence add-ons unnecessary. Aggregate and detail views of loan position is available through a single click. Seller and channel trend reports. Loan-level exports in a variety of output formats. Ad-hoc queries at an aggregate or loan level.
Customized Business Logic
Key business processes, such as new contracts can be configured to trigger validations, generate template-based notifications, schedule subsequent tasks, and send data feeds to both internal and external systems. Business rules are defined through intuitive editors, allowing line-of business managers to control and direct critical business processes.
Integrated Imaged Documents
Imaged documents can be managed at the loan, commitment, and customer level. All documents are stored securely in the database. Doc management is fully supported by 3rd parties integration, making bulk uploads from sellers and diligence vendors a snap. Docs for one or a thousand loans can be extracted at the touch of a button for delivery to investors or ratings agencies.
Auditing and Rights Management
Our flexible roles and rights mechanism brings true enterprise-level controls to a client’s business, allowing detailed control of access and edit permissions. System-wide audit trail functionality ensures accountability and adherence to firm policies.
Proven Technologies
FINTEGRITY products are built on the state of the art Java technology using Microsoft SQL Server/MySQL/DB2 database.  100% web browser based with no add-ins to install. Scalable to tens of millions of loans and beyond.
Simple Integration
FINTEGRITY enables automation and real-time integration between our products and other internal systems, models and third party vendor systems.  System integrations can be created and maintained by client.

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