Loan Management System (LMS)

FINTEGRITY – Loan Management System (LMS) is a full-fledged solution that contains all the modules needed to run and manage a typical “Loan Operation” throughout all of a loan’s phases based on the rules and regulations set by the regulator. The system helps with the effective management of all loan related procedures and calculations whilst ensuring all workflows and command lines are properly followed and that none of the required documents are missed during the loan acceptance process. Additionally, during the loan period, the system tracks all outstanding payments and is used by the organization’s tellers to settle payments and issue invoices.

FINTEGRITY has proven to assist many customers to improve their productivity and efficiency whilst allowing user to make transaction faster, reliable and effective as well. It is designed in a comprehensive manner and provides numerous benefits to you such as:

»   Support Consumer, Leasing, and Sharia Finance

»   Fully Comply with Regulation (PSAK 50 & 55, etc)

»   State-of-the art Platform Independent Technologies

»   Comprehensive Modules for Multifinance

»   Robust, Powerful, and High Scalability

FINTEGRITY is geared towards Consumer Finance, Leasing, and Sharia Finance business. Specialized modules and functionality have been built to address the distinct requirements of each industry, enabling the product to be used for all kinds of financing type.

While the breadth of FINTEGRITY’s functionality makes it true end-to-end loan management, its in-built workflow, rule, and scoring engine allows for unprecedented operational flexibility. The system can wrap itself around the unique decision-making processes through the configuration of automated system. This enables tight control over security and facilitates the continuous fine-tuning of each activity, based on metrics-driven feedback on corporate efficiency and productivity.

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