PRIMORDIUM- Integrated Loan Origination System is a web-based application to support bank and or financial institution in managing the credit approval process. It is armed with the state-of-the-art workflow technology to control and monitor the various work steps in the loan processing in order to reduce the delays and inefficiencies in handling credit application.


  • Integrated Process
  • Faster Application Processing
  • Improved Document Management & Archiving
  • Consistent Quality of Credit Approval
  • Real-time Application Status Tracking
  • Integration with Email, Fax, SMS
  • Unmatched Scalability


  • Loan Processing Workflow

The most essential feature of PRIMORDIVM is its Workflow Engine. It is the heart of the system. Each loan application is monitored from the time it is entered into the system, and tracked through the various work steps of credit review and approval process. PRIMORDIVM allows these work steps to be performed in different locations while maintaining control of the flow and making sure no required steps are being missed.

  • Supported Loan Products

New loan types can easily be added to support new loan products. The loan products currently defined include, but not limited to the following: Mortgage Installment Loan, Personal Installment Loan, and Hire Purchase.  A financial institution can quickly define a new loan product to create a competitive advantage without awaiting system change.

  • Common Tables & Parameters

PRIMORDIVM provides flexibility through a set of userdefinable tables and parameters. Frequently changed variables are centrally kept in common tables and can only be modified by authorized users, thus providing control and security protection.

  • Internal Credit Checking

PRIMORDIVM can interface to the bank’s internal system to retrieve information of existing customers, e.g. Customer Information File (CIF), Credit Card, and Loan System. When sales staff calls up the registration module and fills in the applicant’s ID number, PRIMORDIVM will retrieve the customer information from the back-end system if the applicant is an existing bank customer, and then populate on the screen immediately. Information updated also can be uploaded to the backend system. .

  • Credit Scoring

The use of credit scoring is a more systematic approach to make approval decision and is now generally adopted as the preferred credit granting approach. The credit scoring mechanism automatically calculates the score of an application based on the information entered and the score card used.

  • Letters & Form Generation

Letters and forms are generated in PRIMORDIVM automatically upon completion of certain task, e.g. loan approved or rejected. PRIMORDIVM will integrate application data with pre-defined letter templates to generate and print the letter automatically. Letter template can be prepared and easily changed in MS word.

  • Application Status Enquiry

PRIMORDIVM provides sophisticated search criteria interface to allow users to make application enquiry. In application status enquiry, PRIMORDIVM can provide information on which work step where the application is pending at the moment, e.g. waiting for certain supporting document or waiting for loan approval. This is particular useful for customer service representatives to handle enquiry from the customer. In addition, there is a work history associated with each application. It records down all the activities done on the application starting from when an application first enters the workflow till processing completes.

  • Reporting

There is a set of comprehensive reports provided with PRIMORDIVM. It includes MIS reports, loan progress reports, drawdown reports, workflow statistic reports, etc. Moreover, PRIMORDIVM offers a data export function that users can create reports to meet their own unique requirements.

  • Interface with External System

PRIMORDIVM can interface with various external systems for purposes such as credit checking, fraud analysis and drawdown process. Some of the examples are interface to CIF Core Banking, Fax Server, SMS Gateway, and Loan System.

  • Role Based Security and User Management

User management will be built according to the predefined organization’s roles. Administrator will be able to define roles and their access dynamically. The system will ensure that any given data and functionalities can only be accessed by a person who has rights to access them.